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. A Message from The Mayor

Ride the Lobster – who would have thought it would be the catch phrase for June 2008!

On behalf of the Council for the Town of Annapolis Royal, I would like to welcome all participants in this event to our historic Town, which marks the end of one stage of your race and the beginning of the next. Your time among us is short but I hope you have an opportunity to take in some of the natural beauty through which you are riding. We have much to offer in this area but you will have to come back again to savor it all and we hope you do so.

May your Ride the Lobster be a trip of a lifetime!

Jane DeWolfe
Mayor, Town of Annapolis Royal

For a smörgåsbord’s listing of events and attractions click the Ride The Lobster Wiki page Community Events.


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Can a millimetre make a difference in the international 800km 5-day unicycle race, Ride The Lobster, set for 16-20 June 2008, in Nova Scotia, Canada? It just might, according to tests by Kyle deMilner, a member of Team No.86 Team Unicycle Max, the only all-family team in this event, as he reports his findings in a newly-created blog.

Visit the Team Unicycle Max Blog, to learn about hubs, cranks, 36″ers, training or lack thereof, and the crustacean-shaped Canadian providence called Nova Scotia, and perhaps adopt this team when the bets are placed.

If you know of other Ride The Lobster Team Blogs email a note to First Wheel to post the reference to the RTL Wiki website page donated by SocialText of Palo Alto , California.

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The town of Truro Nova Scotia is to be invaded by unicyclists according to an article in the Truro Daily News.

Truro is featured in Stages 3 and 4 of Ride The Lobster, the 800km 5-day unicycle race set for 16-20June2008 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Members of Hub Cycle in Truro are working hard with Cyclesmith of Halifax-Dartmouth and local town and regional organizers to make sure this unicycle criterium is a memorable event.

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The Chronicle Herald newspaper reports that surfer-instructor and fully-trained stuntwoman Beth Amiro has joined with fellow Nova Scotians, Stephen Plumridge and Eric Morneau of Cape Breton, to form the only Atlantic Canadian Team entering the 5-day, 800km international unicycle race, Ride The Lobster.

Luke Corrigan writes that Beth Amiro was inspired by watching buskers Variety in Motion and was smitten with unicycling when she was asked to join in on one of their acts. Her biggest challenge, says Corrigan, was to meet the qualification deadline with so much snow and ice still around. Nova Scotians, no doubt, will be cheering the High Rollers along as they whisk by the rural towns and schools along the way, from Yarmouth in the south to Baddeck in the north.

NOTE: Beth Amiro was also featured on CTV’s Live at Five last year when she first heard about Ride The Lobster.

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Eat our dust! That’s what the Westcoast Cokers want others to do while they compete in the 800km, 5-day unicycle race set for Nova Scotia, Canada, this 16-20th June 2008.

Filmed mainly from John Bain’s 29-inch unicycle, he follows teammates, Jim Dugue and Jamey Mossengren, riding 36-inch cokers during a Ride The Lobster training run near Huntington Beach, California, USA. This video clip provides an early ‘Ride The Lobster’ experience. Just add about 30 more teams to this picture.

Perhaps there are some unicyclists out there coming to this event that would be keen to act as filmmakers for the two documentary crews filming this event. If you’re interested contact Sherry Devanney of Mentor Pictures with an offer of filming support. They will probably tell the film crew from Westcoast Cokers to add a wind-screen to their camera microphone next time.

PS Did you hear the duck-squawking from John Bain’s pedals?

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