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Flag South Korea

The Koreans mean business. Recently, twenty-three riders chose to make this one tough qualifier. Forget the minimum 80km in two days. Why not go for 217km. Eleven completed this distance. The rest completed a respectable 115km. The top three places were completed in 9h58m, 10h19m and 10h33m. Top female was 13h35m. Unicycle awards were presented to the top three riders and the top female rider (KH 29″, KH 24″ and Nimbus 36″). Other top finishers were presented unicycle parts and T-shirts.

korea_07.jpg korea_04.jpg
No team has yet been selected. The Koreans can field one team, and with some sponsorship support would be able to bring two teams to Ride The Lobster in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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