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Edward with Town Crier Lloyd Smith Mary’s Islanders admire unicycle and banner
Town crier Lloyd Smith and dancers from Mary’s Islanders admire the MUni and RTL banner brought to the Greenwood Mall Christmas parade. Cameras and videos were all over the place. Word is getting out about this event and folks in Nova Scotia are looking forward to watching this unique race. Notice how Edward subtly promotes Bedford Unicycles. Darren would be proud.


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Annapolis Royal George Street stage1_samplegooglemapsection.jpg
Annapolis Royal is designated the training and staging area for Ride The Lobster.

All four 200km Stages of Ride The Lobster have now been set. These Stages will soon be posted at http://www.ridethelobster.com but can be viewed now by linking to:

TIME TRIALS STAGE 3 (Halifax-Dartmouth/ Truro)


The Annapolis Stage 1 is sponsored by The Town of Annapolis Royal. This is the oldest, permanent French settlement in North America, with roots dating back to 1605, several years prior to the settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. Annapolis Royal has been designated as the training and staging location for the event since the teams can assemble here and experience much of the terrain they will encounter along the 800km route. A bus shuttle to Yarmouth, the starting point of the race, is to be made available.

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Using data collected from a Sony GPS data logger, Nathan Hoover of California, has reconstructed the route for four stages of the race. With further cleaning of the data he also managed to build a basic 3D terrain profile. He cannot wait to get his hands on the GPS data logged with the Garmin GPSmap 60CSx unit. The altimeter data will provide a more accurate measure of terrain elevation, rate of ascent/descent, a profile of elevation change over distance or time, or a profile of pressure changes over time.

For those interested in also exploring the Sony GPS and the Garmin GPS data can contact the organizers of the race. These data can be made available for download for those interested in exploring the data sets. We can also display any results from those working with the GPS data.

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Eric Pulvermacher unicyclist_eric_01.jpg moose accompanies unicyclist
Prince Albert’s Eric Pulvermacher:
I got to my campsite at Namekus Lake (Latitude (53° 49′ 60 N 106° 1′ 60 W) on the evening of Friday October 12th. I could tell by the lack of vehicle tracks that there has only been one other person out there since it snowed there the day before. The road from Waskesiu was intermittently covered with light fluffy snow and the entire track down to Nemekus was covered. I found a site to my likening in the deserted campground got all my stuff ready for the morning, set up my tent pulled out the extra sleeping bag and had a good sleep…”

and so began Eric’s journey to qualify for a berth to Nova Scotia, June 2008.
For more go to http://www.groupsrv.com/hobby/post-3350786.html

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Vince LeMay unicyclist from Montréal, Quebec“I regularly ride a 36er, for almost 4 years now. For my RTL qualifying rides, the only thing I planned was to ride as much as I could along water. I live on an island after all!

Each of the two days, I ended up rolling around 90 km on beautiful cycling paths. The weather was great and I felt more than happy to be in a good shape, so I could really enjoy riding the distance. Over all, I didn’t pushed myself too much and had almost no muscle soreness. So the next morning I still took the uni for my commute ride.

For me, the challenge on RTL will be to go through that kind of distance 5 days in a row, at a racing pace. It’s going to be epic, riding with so many long distance unicyclists at the same time!

See you there!


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