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Having trekked across much of Canada with his family, on a 5-seater cycle, storyteller Joe Kurmaskie (aka The Metal Cowboy) arrived in Nova Scotia to entertain the crowds with his tall tales. He had the crowd roaring in laughter throughout the evening. Joe came to help celebrate next year’s race, Ride The Lobster, and to write about this event.He continues his journey touring Nova Scotia’s towns, villages and coastal communities, collecting even more stories for his book “Mud, Sweat and Gears”.

See 88-second video clip to experience the flavour of the man as he performs at King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal on Friday evening 14th September 2007.
See his website at: www.metalcowboy.com


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Britech Information Systems of Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, excels in real-time geography — knowing where you are on planet earth, to the nearest metre and within a fraction of a second, and telling something about you and your environment such as your temperature, heart rate or body movement.

They have joined Ride The Lobster as a key sponsor, to track the international unicycle teams via satellite and stream their positions LIVE to maps on the internet. Nova Scotia and this unique unicycle race will be brought to the desktops of the world. On-line spectators in the pubs of the UK, for example, could follow their teams as they battle unicyclists from the USA, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea. Britech engineers and scientists are currently working to develop an engaging on-line experience.

Britech is a member of the Synova Group of companies. They have extensive experience in mobility and GIS technologies. Britech also has a strong background in acute and primary health care solutions, including tele-health, water quality and analysis, and in modular and integrated information systems.

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On the 1st and 2nd of September 2007, Irene Genelin, Joe Lind and Dan Hansen of Minnesota completed their qualifying ride for Ride The Lobster, making them the first to successfully complete the unicycling requirements for entry to this 800km race, next June 2008 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Genelin, Lind and Hansen started on Saturday morning, punishing themselves on short, steep hills for the first half of the day then “relaxing”with some flat riding to round out the day. On day two, the riders completed 85k of flat riding.

According to the riders “It was a weekend of flawless riding, super weather, great company and only a bit of rumbling muscles … Looking forward to Nova Scotia!!”

Extracted from: Unicycling Google Group

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Tim Keith of Kingston, Nova Scotia, carried the Logo of Ride The Lobster on his jersey in the 111th running of the Boston Marathon, this past April 2007.

The Lobster Logo completed the marathon in 3hr 2min 51sec and came in at 1,137th and 815th in the division. Not bad for a first effort!

Tim Keith also ran the Reykjavik, Iceland, Marathon, 19th August 2006, as a member of Canada’s Team Diabetes.

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Best-selling author, award winning storyteller, motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, and America’s favourite ‘adventure dad’ Joe Kurmaskie (aka The Metal Cowboy<!– wiki-renamed-hyperlink “The Metal Cowboy” –>) heads out this summer from his home of Portland, Oregon, with family in tow, and treks across Canada on 16 feet of tandem bicycle, trail bike and trailer. He’s celebrating Ride The Lobster when he arrives in Nova Scotia.

He’s travelling by ferry, boat, train, foot, bike and plane and headed for a rollicking week of Nova Scotia appearances including King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal, 14th September, and The Lobster Galley Kitchen Party in St.Anns, near Baddeck, Nova Scotia, 15th September. He’s the featured performer, yet his idea of ‘coming in style’ is to experience the contours of the country at what he calls a “sane” pace, and to gather “facts” (Canadian and road kill tall tales along the way) to use in his performances, a cover story for Bicycling Magazine<!– wiki-renamed-hyperlink “Bicycling Magazine” –> and his next book, Mud Sweat and Gears: a Family Saga Across Canada On Five Wheels. The more adventures he has, the more “ammo” he has to entertain.

Image courtesy of Joe Kurmaskie: http://www.metalcowboy.com

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